At Preferred Roofing, our customers can choose the material they want for their new roof. A homeowner may select material that goes with the design and style of his or her home. We know from experience that roofing material adds to the overall appeal of a home. Each type of roofing material comes with its own unique benefits. Take a look at some of the options we offer:

Tile Roofs. Tile roofs are made of slate, clay or concrete. Each of these materials offers a roof a sleek, modern look. A tile roof combines visual appeal and durability. It doesn't shrink and maintains its shape despite drastic changes in temperature.

Shingle Roofs. A homeowner who prefers a traditional design may want to go with shingles for the roof. Shingles are available in many different colors and styles. This gives a homeowner many creative options if he or she chooses to match the tile to a home's siding or trim.

A Cool Roof. Homeowners who choose this option are getting an energy efficient roof that withstands the elements including hail and thunderstorms. The material in a cool roof is flexible even when the temperature drops below zero. Also, this type of roof resists mold and bacteria growth.

Ventilating the Attic

Our experts at Preferred Roofing know the importance of proper ventilation in a home's attic. During the roofing process, we make sure that the attic has ventilation so the home will be safe and energy efficient. Our skilled roofers make sure there are no leaks that can lead to higher energy bills for a household.


We make sure that a homeowner has a gutter system that provides the right amount of drainage. After all, a roof and a gutter system work hand in hand in the task of transporting water away from a home.


Our team of roofers helps homeowners to determine what type of insulation to use beneath their roof. Insulation plays a role in maintaining a comfortable temperature within a home. Also, insulation prevents loss of heat during the cold weather months and cold air during the warm weather season.

Roll Roofing

Roof Gard Cool Grey

Synthetic Underlayments

Enerfoil Sheathing


Ice & Water Protectors

Traditional Slate

Ridge Cap Shingles

Well maintained eavestroughs

Low Slope

Eavestrough cleaning, repair and replacement

Roof Starters

So, if you're looking for a reliable company that offers an excellent quality of work, call us at Preferred Roofing today!

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